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 Campbell Centre II                                                          Postal Address:

 8150 N. Central Expwy, Suite 1265                                  P.O. BOX 38128
 Dallas, TX 75206-1991                                                   Dallas, Texas  75238-0128                        
           (between 75 and Greenville Avenue @ Caruth Haven)                                                
            (click to see map)



website: www.pickettandmaxwell.com  Telephone: 214-520-8493 Fax: 214-363-5150


Edwin R. Pickett, CPA              Ed@pickettandmaxwell.com               Edwin R. Pickett               Extension: 1

Steve D. Maxwell, CPA             Steve@pickettandmaxwell.com          Steve D. Maxwell             Extension: 2

Janet L. Pickett, CPA               Janet@pickettandmaxwell.com           Janet L. Pickett                Extension: 3

Nanette Abbruzzese, Act Mgr    Nanette@pickettandmaxwell.com       Nanette Abbruzzese         Extension: 4